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What are the main reasons that affect the elasticity of silicone products manufacturers?

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What are the main reasons that affect the elasticity of silicone products manufacturers?

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Nowadays, the use of silicone rubber products is gradually expanded, and the elasticity of silicone products has become the most valuable advantage of its properties. The so-called elasticity principle refers to the need to have strong adaptability and toughness to rebound and shrink without force, so as to achieve flexible application in the silicone rubber industry. It is widely used in various fields, and many important parts and parts of its important parts and parts are not very important if they lose elasticity. So the life of many silicone products is associated with springback and stretching. In the application, the most common use is to provide shock absorption, shock proof, buffer, seal and so on.

Silicone rubber reinforcing filler is various types of silica, which can increase the strength of vulcanizate by ten times. Adding various additives is mainly to reduce the cost of the glue, improve the properties of the rubber, and endow the vulcanizates with various special properties, such as flame-retardant, conductive, etc. The crosslinking agent is a variety of organic peroxides, such as benzoyl peroxide, 2,4- two chloro benzoyl chloride, two dry base peroxide, and 2,5- two terbutyl peroxide hexane. Methyl hydroxyl silicone oil or two phenyl two hydroxy alkane are used as structural control agents.



The side groups on the main chain of silicone rubber can be methyl, ethyl, vinyl, phenyl, three fluoro propyl and so on. The most commonly used is methyl, and other groups can also be introduced to improve processability and other properties. Therefore, according to the difference of the side base group and the rubber formula, we can get various kinds of silicone rubber, which can be divided into the following types: general type (containing methyl and vinyl), high temperature and low temperature type (containing phenyl, Jia Jihe vinyl), low compression permanent deformation (containing methyl and vinyl), low shrinkage (to go to) Volatile) and solvent resistant (Fluorosilicic rubber), etc.

The main reasons affecting the elasticity of silicone products are as follows.

1, the formula and quality of the raw materials can directly affect the quality of the products made by the manufacturers of silica gel products, such as poor toughness, the decline of rebound rate, etc., but it also determines the formulation of raw materials and the performance of the additives according to the performance of the products and the soft hardness.

2, excessive force, especially in some machinery industry for a long time circulate, lead to the high frequency and strength to the limit, the long life will gradually decline.

3. The use of improper strength leads to a decline in performance, which is used in some common and similar situations, with different forces or different environments (such as ozone and oil pollution), which will lead to the fatigue life of silica gel products.

4, the production of silicone products manufacturers, in the manufacturer's production process, due to the mixing of vulcanizing agent with the predicted material hardness, molding molding pressure and temperature, pressure and time may affect the elasticity and other properties of a silicone product.


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