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Four methods of cleaning silicone products manufacturers

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Four methods of cleaning silicone products manufacturers

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In our life, many things have quality problems, the quality problems will involve the quality of the quality of the problem, we are likely to be the shelf life of food, the shelf life of a food is very important to many friends, everything has a shelf life, large and small products, supplies, bags. Including silicone products, the same, many friends question, silicone product is not bad is the quality of the warranty is to come, in fact, silicone products are not so simple, let's say here!

The shelf life of silica gel products is mainly based on two kinds of calculation, one is according to the use of the times, one is according to the time of the grinding, before long ago, the net friend asked, his silicone brush has not been used for a year, now can not be able to use it? This problem also has many kinds of statements, some say it is not bad to use, some said that silica gel material for a long time can not be used, in fact, the quality of silica gel products is mainly in accordance with the manufacturer's production regulations, many products are different in performance, so the use of different time.


Silica gel products manufacturers are now popular with people. There are extensive circulation of silica gel handsets, silica gel kitchenware, silicone gifts and so on. Now, the Kotel silicone manufacturer will introduce the method of cleaning silicone products.

1. toothpaste: use toothpaste to clean the silicone sleeve, wipe it repeatedly with soft cotton cloth, and achieve the cleaning effect. Toothpaste is a very good cleaning tool.

2. rubber: rubbing with rubber can clean up the stolen goods, if your protective cover is not very serious in the case of dirt, rubbing with rubber several times, and then wash it with water, it also has a good cleaning effect.

3. clear water: rinse with clean water, wash the oil with soap and rinse clean, dry the silica gel products directly with the hot fan, and pay attention to no exposure. Silica gel is a kind of strong corrosion resistant material. Note: the frequency of cleaning should not be too frequent, otherwise the silicone sleeve will be yellowed.

4. wipe with alcohol, gently wipe with soft cotton cloth and dip in some alcohol.

In fact, the silica gel products can avoid the phenomenon of yellow and sticky dust in the production process. As long as the use time is longer, the effect of yellowing is not obvious as long as the raw material is added to the Yellow agent during the production process. And silicone oil products on the surface of a layer of touch oil, then silicone products will not be so sticky.

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