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What are the characteristics of silica gel kitchen utensils?

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What are the characteristics of silica gel kitchen utensils?

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Silicone rubber is widely used in many aspects due to its stability and chemical inertness. It is easy to clean and stick. Silicone products for food should be made according to certain labels, such as FDA food standard (FDA CFR 177.2600), food grade silica gel. It is generally believed that food products made from silica gel have high safety. There is no case to prove that it has health risks. Foreign countries such as Canada's Ministry of health also consider that they are safe.




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The baking materials of different materials have different thermal conductivity. The material of the baking tray plays a vital role in the heat conduction process of baking. Usually, a metal baking pan is usually used, but a silicone baking tray is also a good choice. Silica gel baking tray is easy to operate and does not adhere to dough. But the disadvantage of it is that the heat transfer is not good for the metal grill, so the lack of heat leads to the color of the finished product, so the cake is very easy to show gray white when it is baked with a silica gel.

On the contrary, the use of metal baking tray has good heat transfer and can make the edges of cakes baked golden. Because the heat can be applied directly to the cake through the baking pan, the part near the inner wall of the baking pan can be cash yellow and form crispy skin.

The characteristics of the food grade silicone baking tray:

Temperature resistance: excellent temperature resistance, continuous working at -40 ~+230 C, no deformation and no color change.

Safety: non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, through the European Union, Germany and the United States stringent food grade inspection standards;

Durable: baking repeatedly used more than 2000 times;

No staining: no permanent wear and no wear and tear.

Adsorption: can adsorb wooden desktop, marble tabletop, glass desktop and other worktable, is a very ideal kneading surface, rolling table worktable, sugar worktable;

Easy to wash and collect: use water or a small amount of detergent with soft cloth wiping can remove stains, oil stains (please do not scrape it with a sharp device), can directly roll up storage, do not occupy space.

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