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Is silicone gel bowl safe for use in Silicone Baby products?

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Is silicone gel bowl safe for use in Silicone Baby products?

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Many people say that plastic materials have radioactive toxins, although there is also a special treatment of TPU material to achieve environmental protection products, but also to make consumers suspicious, and it is a concern to parents, "the safety of children's silica gel bowl" has become a difficult choice for many parents. Is the supplies really safe? How can we prove whether a silicone product is safe?

It's okay for children to use silica gel tableware, but choose good silicone baby products and silicone tableware. Silica gel tableware, as opposed to ceramic, plastic and hardware tableware, is compatible with temperature, whether food is cold or hot, can protect the temperature of the food itself, reduce the temperature change and loss. In a period of time, the food that is placed in a silica bowl or basin can keep the original temperature and will not be appropriate when used. The temperature is passed to the user. And silicone material itself has different characteristics from other materials, so that the products made by it have amazing effect. For example, the floor of the silent food containers, after high temperature cooking, it will not produce harmful substances. Moreover, the tableware can be folded, kneaded and turned over, and it will not occupy space in the pocket, nor will it absorb oil pollution. It itself has the function of desiccant, and it will not become moldy and qualitative due to long-term storage.



Silica gel baby products material in daily necessities is known as the national environmental protection standard certification material, so the material produced will be more influential than other plastic products, and the production methods, mixing, vulcanization, two vulcanization, three to the process are the most important. The key to ensuring quality and quality is that the main ingredient of its raw material is silica (it does not react with any substance in conflict) with silica, silicone oil, and siloxane.

In the field of silicone products, daily necessities have been excavated in recent years, because silica gel products are known as national environmental protection standards, so the products produced will have more influence than other plastic products. Two vulcanization three to the most important process is to ensure the quality and quality of the key, its raw material is the main ingredient of silicon dioxide (it does not react with any substance in the reaction has conflict) with silica, silicone oil, siloxane matter.

Silica gel children bowl can be made into many shapes, many colors, and can also be configured with the shape of the cartoon, deeply loved by the baby, because the polygon of silica gel products also traded in the status of silicone products in children's tableware, that is, safe and healthy why not to choose!

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