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How to judge the quality of Silicone Baby products

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How to judge the quality of Silicone Baby products

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Silicone has good safety, because baby supplies need high tear resistance, baby likes to bite the goods in their mouth, and the teeth need molars during the time of the tooth. When the baby drinks milk in place of milk, it needs to find a soft bottle nipple. The baby is weak and can't have any toxic and negative products. Famous brands, jointly developed baby products, including nipples, bottles, water cups, bowls, and a series of products, successful out of the market for many years, and in the field of international baby products account for a place.

When buying silicone products on the market, consumers generally can only judge the quality of silicone products by naked eye observation and hand feeling. Therefore, this article also expounds the methods of identifying the quality of silica gel products from these two aspects, so as to judge the quality of Silicone Baby products.



First of all, we should look at the elasticity of silicone products, and good quality silicone products have good elasticity. Silicone material itself has good wear resistance, so the surface of silicone products has the ability to resist loss. Generally speaking, high quality silicone products will not erase the surface text, color and so on because of external factors. On the contrary, words, characters and logo on the surface of inferior silicone products are easier to fall off. The high quality silicone products are gorgeous, with no sticky surface, no smell, soft and feel good.

Silica gel products have high tear resistance, long service life, and are not easily disturbed by external environment. Generally speaking, high quality silicone products are not easy to crack during the tear process, and the inferior silicone products are prone to crack, and the cracking will be expanded rapidly from the crack at the time of force.

When a silicone product is subjected to alternating stresses (or strains), it is called exhaustion that changes the structure and function of the data. Along with the exhaustion process, the damage of silicone products is called fatigue damage. So fatigue resistance is also a way to identify the quality of silicone products.

The silicone products with high tear strength have a protruding resistance to destruction, long life and not easily disturbed by the external environment. Hardness and tensile stress. Hardness and elongation stress reflect the stiffness and stiffness of rubber materials. They are the forces needed to produce certain deformation of silicone products. It is also a way to identify the quality of silicone products.

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