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What are the characteristics of silicone cake mold for silicone products manufacturer?

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What are the characteristics of silicone cake mold for silicone products manufacturer?

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At present, baked kitchenware has become one of our common food tools. Sometimes we can often see the exquisite cakes of different shapes in the cake shop on the street. Many people are confused. How is it made? In fact, it was made from the cake moulds in the baking utensils, and the silica gel cake mold has been popularized to every family in the early years of foreign countries. In recent years, it has gradually emerged as a common kitchen tool in the baking tool.

Silicon rubber cake mold is mainly used in silicone rubber raw material vulcanization molding, because of the prominent characteristics in the life of favor, the raw materials are nontoxic and tasteless to the people without any harm, the second product has a strong high temperature resistance, the production of silicone products manufacturers in the production of normal vulcanization temperature can be about 200 degrees, so In baking, it can be used within 230 degrees. In addition, the product has strong soft back elasticity, waterproof and excellent sealing performance, not to worry about its life length in the process of use. In addition, silica gel products are superior in performance and can be used in different industries.




Other features of silicone cake mold for silicone manufacturers:

1, high temperature: applicable temperature range -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in microwave oven and oven.

2. Yi Qingxi: silicone cake mold products can be cleaned after rinsing with water, and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

3, long life: silica gel properties are very stable, made of cake mold products, longer life than other materials.

4, soft and comfortable: thanks to the softness of silicone materials, the cake mold feels comfortable, flexible and non deformed.

The critical point of the lowest use temperature of common rubber is -20 degree to -30 degree, while silicone rubber still has good elasticity at -60 degree to -70 degree, and some special formulations of silicone rubber can also withstand very low temperature, such as low temperature sealing ring, etc. When the conductive filler (such as carbon black) is added, the silicone rubber has good electrical conductivity, such as the conductive contact point of the keyboard, the components of the electric heating element, the antistatic component, the shielding of the high voltage cable and the medical treatment and conductive film. The common rubber is degraded rapidly under the effect of ozone produced by corona discharge, while silica gel is not affected by ozone, and the physical properties of the rubber are small changes for a long time in the ultraviolet and other climate conditions, such as the sealing material used in the outdoor.

Zhongshan World Cup Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd. is located at the port Bank of Zhongshan, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the national Torch Development Zone. It covers an area of 7000. It is a manufacturing enterprise of silicon rubber products and silicone products in China. From the beginning, he introduced advanced production equipment, such as the top solid state molding machine, liquid injection machine, silicone tube extrusion production line, etc., and has an independent die shop and more than 5 years of experience in engineering technicians to provide customers with the development of silicone, rubber, plastic products, materials and moulds for customers. According to the German LFGB full European standard testing standards, a perfect testing method and laboratory are established in accordance with the full set of European standard testing standards in Germany, with a perfect and rigorous European quality standard as the internal control standard. The production process is all used in the modern management system to ensure that every detail of each product can be achieved. Better!

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