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Talk about the characteristics of medical silicone tube

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Talk about the characteristics of medical silicone tube

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   Silicone tubes are carriers for the circulation and coating of liquids, gases and other materials. Silicone rubber tubes in industry can be divided into "extruded tube" and "special shaped tube". It is widely used in modern industry, national defense industry and daily necessities. The silicone rubber tube is added to the double roll rubber machine or the closed kneader by adding silicone rubber raw glue, gradually adding white carbon black and other auxiliaries to make the uniform repeatedly. According to the requirements of the technical standard of the industry, the products are made by extrusion. Conductive silicone rubber that can be used in the electronic industry.



The common silicone tubes of silicone manufacturers include: medical silica gel tubes, food grade silicone tubes, industrial silicone tubes, silicone shaped tubes and silicone hose fittings. Medical silicone tubes are mainly used for medical equipment accessories, medical catheters, bacteriostatic design, and ensure the safety of use. Food grade silicone tubes are used for water dispensers of water dispensers, coffee machines, and waterproof line protection for household appliances. Industrial silicon hose is used for special chemical, electrical and other special environmental protection carrier circulation, using special properties silica gel.

The medical silicon rubber hose belongs to the platinum sulphide silicone hose. It adopts high-grade imported gas phase silicon collagen material and double component (A/B) addition vulcanizing agent for instant vulcanization molding, high temperature vulcanizing agent as auxiliary function, rapid vulcanization in the production process. The production of medical silicone tube is completely nontoxic and tasteless, and the degree of brightness is very high, compared with the traditional one. Compared with peroxide vulcanization system, silica gel tube has the advantage of being more efficient and tasteless. The whole process of production is produced by specialized inspected equipment, products that meet the highest quality standards, integrated supply chain and complete document filing (from raw material testing in production to final testing and batch retention) to ensure complete traceability of raw materials.

Medical silica gel tubes are made of high quality silica gel raw materials and advanced mechanical extrusion. It should be approved by the European Union ROHS, the US FDA certification and the Chinese national standards.

The production of medical silicone tube LFGB European standard: five items, 1, cells, 2, sensitization; 3, skin irritation; 4, toxicity; 5, hemolytic hemolysis.

Medical equipment with high transparency, odorless, excellent aging resistance, high resistance to tear, good resilience, not easy to deformation, weak acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature and other characteristics, can be used in -50 to 250 degrees, special requirements of up to 300 degrees, this is other materials do not have. The silicone rubber tube is also required for the manufacturing environment of silicone products manufacturers. The manufacturer of silica gel manufactures keep clean for a long time, dust-free, and the mechanical equipment should be cleaned regularly to produce higher quality medical silica gel tubes.

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