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What is the reason for the inelasticity of silicone manufacturers?

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What is the reason for the inelasticity of silicone manufacturers?

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Silicone products manufacturers in the molding process slightly ignored, there will be some undesirable phenomena. For example, silicone products are poor in elasticity. And some frequently used silicone parts have certain requirements for tensile toughness, and products mainly need their tensile toughness to maintain. Therefore, in some manufacturing industries, the silicon rubber material used in the machinery industry will be useless once the tensile strength is insufficient and the resilience and shock absorption failure.

Therefore, the operation of the personnel in the molding process, the modulation of the machine, and the matching of raw materials are the key to the toughness and malfunction of the product.

For raw materials, ordinary silica gel will have some problems, such as the service life is not up to standard, the toughness is bad, and the springback is insufficient. Adding too much silicon oil and white carbon black to silica gel lead to the performance confusion, silicon atom in silicon resin is destroyed, the softness reduces sticky phenomenon, softness fluidity does not work, the tensile strength of product after high temperature forming will decrease, and the product will not be reflected after the production is completed, but it is in the past. The use of time will gradually produce product deformation, rebound rate and sticky phenomenon in various environmental conflicts.



In the forming process of silicone products, the commissioning and coordination of the machine has a certain influence. Sometimes in the process of vulcanization, in order to increase production efficiency and increase the production efficiency, the product of reducing the vulcanization time will appear soft. The temperature must be increased to a certain level on the premise of reducing the time. Otherwise, the product will appear all kinds of bad phenomena, and the production of too long product too brittle tensile will also appear tearing phenomenon, it is suggested that the production process should be properly controlled the product time and vulcanization temperature.

In the process of production, in addition to the machine, raw materials, human, environment and other factors, the toughness of silica gel products will not appear quality problems, so the quality of the products will not appear in the process of production.

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